Asbestos Visual Reports & Test Sampling Reporting

Asbestos reports are extremely important if you have a house constructed prior to 1985 as it is highly likely the property contains asbestos.

1 in 3 properties in Australia have asbestos containing materials using during construction, so if your thinking of renovating that bathroom, kitchen or laundry stop and assess the conditions prior to you DYI renovations.

Asbestos reports are essential for the safety of your family and staff, if you think your property has signs of asbestos, it is vital for your safety that an asbestos report is carried out as soon as possible. An asbestos report will visually notify and identify if there is asbestos containing materials (ACMS) within the premises and we can design an effective management report that will give you fast and professional advise.

Our qualified team at the building Agency have been trained under NSW Work cover and have completed all licensing requirements to manage supervise, identify, and inspect all areas of asbestos and issue clearance certificates once all works are complete and comply with NSW Workcover and NSW Government code of practice: How to manage control asbestos on the workplace August 2019.

Our dedicated and fully qualified and insured team at The Building Agency assess and discuss all awareness of Asbestos with our clients and all asbestos testing is utilized through our close partners who have NATA accredited laboratories to get the most accurate results.

Tests can be completed on any size property, both residential and commercial.

Our full asbestos visual and sampling report involves an on-site inspection with 3 samples collected 24-48 hr. NATA accredited testing and laboratory analysis.

Site inspection by a qualified consultant from The Building Agency Team Our licensed asbestos assessors will then conduct a professional visual inspection of all asbestos removed from the proposed area and issue a clearance certificate within the 2 hours. Our reports with photographic evidence will show a record of the locations of asbestos.

  • NATA accredited lab analysis reports.
  • Advice regarding its management.
  • A record of the condition of each area.

The team at the building Agency will guide you through the entire process and explain the condition and severity of the asbestos on-site and all management and recommendations of removal if required.



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