Terms and Conditions

The Building Agency Terms & Conditions 

The Building, Agency Pty Ltd has prepared this report in accordance with the guidelines of Australian Standard 4349.1 – 2007 (Standard) which covers the minimum requirements for the visual inspection of residential buildings and based on the inspection of the property named (Inspected Property) in the administrative cover letter by the inspector named (Inspector) in the administrative building inspection report.

The Report is prepared for the sole and exclusive use of the person, persons or body named (Client) in the administrative cover letter and cannot be used or acted upon by any other party without the express permission of The Building, Agency Pty Ltd.

The Client, having been provided with the opportunity to read these Terms and Conditions following the making of a booking for a property inspection, accepts these Terms and Conditions. These Terms and Conditions take precedence over any oral or written representations made by Australian Property and Building Inspections or the Inspector, to the extent of any inconsistency.

The Report is based on the condition of the Inspected Property at the date and time of inspection. While the Report is prepared with due care and diligence, the Report is based upon the prevailing conditions and the safe and reasonable access of the Inspector to the Inspected Property as outlined in the Standard.

The Report must be read carefully and, in its entirety, to gain a complete understanding of the findings of the inspection of the Inspected Property. It will help you understand the limitations faced by an inspector and why it is not possible to guarantee that a property is completely free of defects.

The Report is not a certificate of compliance for the Inspected Property within the requirements of any Act, regulation, ordinance or local law or by-law. The Report does not cover enquiries of councils or other authorities.

The Report is subjective assessment of the Inspected Property and therefore outlines the opinion of the Inspector on the general condition of the Inspected Property at the date and time of the inspection in relation to major defects and a general impression of minor defects and safety hazards. The Report provides no guarantee and is not a warranty against problems developing with the Inspected Property in the future.

The Report does not include identification of unauthorised building work or of work not compliant with building regulations. An estimate of the costs of rectification of defects is not required in accordance with the Standard.

The inspection is undertaken, and the Report prepared, by the Inspector on the assumption that the existing use of the Inspected Property will continue. As such, the Inspector will not assess the fitness of the Inspected Property for any other intended purpose. We advise you to verify any proposed change in use of the Inspected Property with the relevant authorities.

This Report is based on a visual assessment of the Inspected Property together with relevant features of the Inspected Property within 30m of the building and within the boundaries of the site, the prevailing structural, soil and weather conditions at the date and time of the inspection and the Inspector having safe and reasonable access to all areas. Where the Inspected Property is a unit or apartment, associated areas may include common areas pertinent and immediately adjacent to the Inspected Property, or as specifically instructed by the Client. Areas not inspected are noted in the Report. The Standard provides that “safe and reasonable access” shall be determined by the inspector at the time of the inspection, based on the conditions encountered at the time of inspection. An inspector shall only inspect areas where safe, unobstructed access is provided and where the minimum clearances are available or, where these clearances are not available, areas within the inspector’s unobstructed line of sight and close enough to enable reasonable appraisal. Minimum clearances are defined as at least 600mm vertical and horizontal clearance for roof space and sub floor area access. The interior and exterior roof must be accessible from a 3.6 metre high ladder for reasonable access to be available. Reasonable access does not include removing screws and bolts to access covers. Nor does reasonable access include cutting or making access traps, or moving furniture or stored goods.

This Report is not a rigorous assessment of all building elements and does not cover all maintenance items. This Report also does not cover defects in inaccessible areas, defects that are not reasonably visible, defects that may only be apparent in certain weather conditions or defects that have not yet arisen due to prolonged periods of wet or dry weather or other subsequent events.

As the Report only covers the visual aspects of the Inspected Property, it does not cover any part of the building located beneath the ground surface.

The Inspector can only make comment with regard to the general, visible condition of electrical wiring and plumbing. We suggest that a licensed tradesperson be contacted for a separate report.

The Inspected Property shall be compared with a building that was constructed in accordance with the generally accepted practice at the time of construction and which has been maintained such that there has been no significant loss of strength and serviceability.

The Report does not identify the presence of pests, or any damage caused by pests (e.g. termites, borers, rodents, etc.). We suggest that a professional pest inspector be contacted for a separate report.

No assessment or identification is made of asbestos or asbestos related products, toxic mould or other harmful substances. Asbestos dust is a hazardous material and should not be disturbed. It is vital that asbestos is not sawn, sanded, drilled or water blasted, etc. For more information about the handling and disposing of asbestos contact your local council. Page: 9 4. Terms and Conditions APBI Terms & Conditions.

Our inspection does not assess the operation of appliances, alarms, security and communication systems, smoke detectors, heating and cooling systems, blinds (internal and external), soft furnishings, telephones, spa and pool equipment, building automation, electrically operated doors, plant and equipment. Any item not specifically noted in this Report is excluded from the inspection of the Inspected Property. We suggest that a licensed tradesperson be contacted for a separate report in respect of gas or electrical appliance and fittings.

No item of furniture or fixtures will be removed, moved or modified during the inspection and items and conditions covered by such furnishings and fixtures are not inspected or considered. Nor do we assess the condition of conspicuous, non- structural items such as carpets, vinyl floor coverings etc.

Any maintenance and general advice items are intended as a helpful guide. The Report is not necessarily an exhaustive list of all maintenance and advice items.

You should address legal and conveyancing matters such as title and ownership to your solicitor or legal representative. Compliance issues in relation to the positioning of services, privacy, vehicle access, the siting of the buildings, zoning, permit or town planning issues or other legal matters should be directed to the relevant authority or to a solicitor or legal representative.

Unless otherwise notified The Building, Agency Pty Ltd will make vendor purchased reports available to prospective buyers. Please advise within 48 hours of receipt of this report if as a vendor you do not wish this report be made available to prospective purchasers of the property.

Acceptance of this report and payment by the Client acknowledges acceptance of the Inspection Agreement and Terms & Conditions.

Request of this report from The Building Agency is acceptance of the Privacy Policy.